Inner Landscapes

In my abstract work layers of blurred color and non-objective form, gestures, scribbles, illegible text and emotive hatch marks combine to create childlike essays that read as documents, scripts or choreography notes that represent my inner landscape and emotional process. Time, thoughts, commitments, encounters, disturbances, attempts to fix or reframe something, objects, money, rain/snow, and sometimes just breath; I count and visually comment all these things.  These paintings concretize the ephemeral qualities of mental dialog that in Buddhism are often called obscurations.

I apply paint by pouring, ragging, sometimes brushwork and squirting the paint and I remove paint by wiping, scraping and sanding. I work in layers, usually allowing them dry between applications.  I work alternatively on a wall or horizontal surface on more than one piece at a time.  Frequently I build the ground with acrylic, incorporate graphite, markers and ink and finish in oil.  I also use metallic glazes and paints to shimmering effect.  Color, or not, and intensity can be very influenced by my mood and/or what is on my mind.

A journal writer throughout my life, I have sought understanding of things both personal and external that are vibrational at their very core, actively paying attention and actively tuning attention out.  This work is closely aligned to those questions that perpetually arise in mind and change from moment to moment.